Metallic Reloading

​The Metallic Reloading curriculum was created in order to pass on the knowledge to students so that they could understand the equipment, process & safe handling of assembling their own cartridges. Reasons for learning this skill range from saving money, creating match grade ammunition or just a hobby that is not only relaxing, but rewarding at the same time.

This is a 4hr, hands-on course, where the basics of reloading are covered from initial sorting of range brass, decapping/resizing to final crimp. Match grade ammunition & how to tailor cartridges for your specific firearm will also be discussed.

Rifle caliber ammunition will be taught utilizing a single-stage press. Pistol caliber ammunition will be covered utilizing a multi-stage, or 'Progressive' press.

Each attendee will get the chance to be hands-on with the equipment & components used in making cartridges throughout the process.

Detailed tutorials that cover each step of reloading are handed out to each student and are yours to keep to take notes & reference at a later time.

* Disclaimer: Students will not be allowed to leave the training facility with ANY ammunition manufactured during the course. Recipes used are 'known good' for the Instructors firearms...  not all firearms are created equal!