Extreme Quarters Combat (EQC)

EQC is a combative pistol course that integrates hand to hand combat and firearm techniques applicable in wide ranging self-protection application.  The course will address the dynamics of how to effectively engage threats at extremely close confrontation ranges with your firearm, to include live-fire exercises.  The course was designed to expand your tactical prowess and combative proficiency during a violent encounter, regardless of your experience level.


Attendees must have successfully completed a black sheep training group basic pistol course, or equivalent /accredited firearms safety / basic handling course.


Semiautomatic Pistol Chambered in 9mm/40 or 45 caliber or revolver.
Sturdy Belt with Strong Side Holster and a Double Magazine Pouch for your firearm.
500 rounds of ammunition, 3 magazines (revolver speed loaders) each and Snap Caps (or dummy ammunition) for malfunction drills.
ASNI safety glasses as well as hearing protection.


Lunch is available for purchase onsite at the Blue Trail Snack Bar, but we recommend bringing plenty of water for hydration.


Be advised... Training will continue, regardless of weather conditions.

Course Cost: $299 (This course is non-refundable unless there is an issue with the guest instructor for that day)

We accept all forms of credit cards & PayPal for payment.