Some of the items that NITEMARE TACTICAL has assisted with in the past includes;

‚Äč-     MAK90 Stock Adapter     -     Custom Glock Slide Cuts     -
-    Picatinny Rail Camera Mount     
-     Faux Suppressor     -
-     Muzzle Devices     
-     Custom AR Triggers     -

-    Bolt Action Type Receiver for AR Style rifles (w/integrated Picatinny Rail)     -

NITEMARE TACTICAL, a Division of Black Sheep Training Group, is here to provide Design as well as R&D services to you in order to fulfill any needs you may have.  Whether it's a one-off, or you're looking to do prototype testing on a larger scale.

We have the capability & the knowledge to accurately design your ideas utilizing 2D & 3D CAD software.

Once you've had the chance to review the design & visual integration, we can move forward with Polymer 3D printing to prove out the concept & then onto metal working for a final product.