Defensive Shotgun:

The defensive shotgun course is designed to teach the proper safety and operation of the shotgun.  For the beginner to intermediate level student with knowledge and proficiency in the proper shooting fundamentals.  Teaching how to safely handle and operate the shotgun, we also instruct on the various stances and shooting positions for the shotgun.  A defensive firearm, the shotgun is ideal for home defense and this course is tailored to that idea. During this course we also incorporate the pistol allowing for a primary and secondary firearm transition.  Proper deployment of the shotgun from both a tool of deadly force to a tool with less-than-lethal capabilities will be reviewed and explained. This is an intensive course for those with a basic understanding of the use of the shotgun, including proper round selection, tactical reloads and combat reloads.

*This course will include a stress-induced evolution to highlight discussions that take place throughout the day.

Topics Covered:

Safety and Handling of Shotgun
Survival Mindset
Fundamentals of Marksmanship
Loading and Unloading Procedures
Target Identification
Cover vs Concealment
Proper Use of Cover and Concealment
Multiple Target Engagement
Reloading Drills
Malfunction Drills
Practical Shooting Positions
Basic Shooting on the Move/Threat Assessment


Pump or Semi, full length or bull pup shotgun
Semiautomatic Pistol Chambered in 9mm/40 or 45 caliber or revolver.
100rds "00" buckshot, 200rds birdshot and 50+rds slugs.
5 Dummy Rounds /Snap Caps
200 rounds of pistol ammunition
Either a drop pouch, dump pouch, shell carry pouch, side saddles or speed pouches and a sturdy belt.
ASNI safety glasses as well as hearing protection.


Lunch is available for purchase onsite at the Blue Trail Snack Bar, but we recommend bringing plenty of water for hydration.


Be advised... Training will continue, regardless of weather conditions.

Course Cost: $250 

We accept all forms of credit cards & PayPal for payment.​

Cancellations prior to 96 hours before course will receive a full refund, after 96 hours a $100 deposit will be kept for cost of range fees.