AR/CARNBINE Maintenance Course

The AR Maintenance & Service Course is valuable in ensuring AR platforms are properly maintained, serviced & does not void manufacturer warranties, while remaining operational at all times.

Students will learn a brief history regarding the beginnings of the AR platform, review caliber variations available, nomenclature, etc before proceeding with a full break down of their platforms. Thru the guided disassembly, we will inspect & point out areas of concern while learning what makes the AR platform tick.

Topics covered;

- Cycles of Function
- Firearms Nomenclature
- Detailed Disassembly & Reassembly of the Upper Receiver
- Detailed Disassembly & Reassembly of the Lower Receiver
- Common Failures & Parts
- Cleaning & Maintenance
- Ballistic Issues
- Accessories & Upgrades
... & more!

*** Bring your rifles & cleaning kit! ***

Recommended tools;

- Brass Punch Set
- Brass / Nylon Hammer
- Roll Pin Punch Set
- Ball Peen Hammer (yes, sometimes it is needed)
- AR Combo Wrench
- Barrel Nut Wrench
- Allen Wrenches (SAE & Metric)
- Torx Drivers
- Long Flathead Screwdriver

Optional tools;

- Upper Receiver Vise Block
- Barrel Vise Block
- Torque Wrench (30 ft-lbs minimum)
- Loc-Tite 242
- AeroShell MS33 or Anti-Seize

Cost: $150

$50 non-refundable deposit required.

Contact or send payment via PP "Gift" to:

** This course may extend past the advertised time based on the number of attendees.